• 160-10 meters (160-6M on SG)
  • Electronic Keyer
  • Noise Reduction
  • 100 Memories
  • 5~100 Watts Output
  • 16 Bit D.S.P.
  • CW Auto Tune
  • Keypad
  • Full and Semi Break-in
  • 10 Hz Tuning

Digital Signal Processing technology is affordable to everyone with the Kenwood® TS-570D. This advanced design provides 16-bit DSP technology for superb audio, noise reduction, equalization and slope tuning. The result is dramatic interference reduction not available in analog designs. The new NR1 noise reduction system is adjustable in 9 steps increments or can be assigned to track input signal strength automatically. Both the NR1 and NR2 settings now track when changing mode groups. In SSB/AM/FM modes you can select a Hi/Low cut DSP slope tune using up to 441 possible combinations. In CW and FSK the DSP acts as VBT (Variable band Tuning) that alters the passband width for rejection of nearby signals.

This radio covers the amateur bands from 160 through 10 meters and of course features a superior general coverage receiver. Power output can be set from 5 to 100 watts. A preset auto antenna tuner and electronic keyer are built in. The menu system offers 46 types of functions for Technician thru Extra. Full and semi break-in, dedicated packet port and 57600 bps PC control. Keypad entry, 100 memories, IF shift, large LCD, Scanning and CW Auto Tune round out the many features of this transceiver. The MC-43S hand mic is included. (Please note that only one optional filter may be added).

Note:  The Kenwood TS-570SG is similar, but adds six meter coverage.

Note:  The earlier non-“G” models Kenwood TS-570D Kenwood TS-570S are similar, but without the 3 added DSP CW filters