MFJ-651Microphone Equalizer

New Never Used MFJ-651 hamProAudio Transmit Audio Conditioner.
Comes With Cat5 Cable, MFJ-5398 Microphone Cable,
12 vDc power Plug (No Wallwart).

Here Are The MFJ Specs.

The MFJ-651 hamProAudio Transmit audio conditioner was designed with
the serious operator in mind. Based on the Broadcast Industry Standard Speech
Compression IC the SSM-2166 from Analog Devices, it allows the operator
flexibility in the use of input sources and output methods.

Choice of three Input Sources: In order to add versatility MFJ has included the
following input sources for the MFJ-651:

1. A standard RJ-45 input jack common to most new radios.
2. Standard 8 pin round chassis connector for the majority of the radios
produced in the last 25 years.

3. MFJ’s own input consisting of a 3.5 -mm jack that allows the user to
choose from feeding audio, audio and a PTT function for use with the Heil
series of Boom-Mic Headsets, or even provides phantom voltage on the
tip for the MFJ-393 Boom-Mic Headphones or on the ring for use with a
computer Boom-Mic or Boom-Mic headset.

These features are included along with allowing you to feed audio from a
computer, TNC or Modem.
Fully Adjustable Gain Amplifier: You have control of the output level to bring
weak microphones up to a useful level or provide over 1.2 volts peak to peak
using the auxiliary output.
Wide Range Compression Settings: With an adjustable compression setting
from 1:1 to 15:1 you control the amount of compression necessary to get your
signal through the toughest of band conditions.

Adjustable Downward Expansion Level and Delay: No more feeding
background noise into your signal.

The MFJ-651 allows you to set the level of
Downward Expansion to only pass audio when you are talking, and a delay to
minimize cutting in and out between words.

Input source……………………Dynamic or Electret microphone low or high Z
Stereo or Monaural radio audio.
Sound card or Modem
Output ………………………….High or low Z. Adjustable signal level
Bandwidth …………………….20 kHz
Total harmonic distortion ….1% maximum, <0.2% typical.