July 29th, 2021

Well, this was no surprise for me, I knew that it will happen sometime, It’s the internet, Full of hackers and some of them might be Licensed Radio Armatures.

A couple of days ago I was talking to my friend HZ1ZH Maan And KC6KBD George, They Informed me that someone Is getting on DMR using 4X5 Israel, OD5 Lebanon, HZ & 7Z Saudi As Well as LU Call signs Playing Music and broadcasting TV Shows & Plays For Extended Periods Of Time, in Turn Tying Up VHF/UHF Local Repeaters In Both Saudi Arabia And Lebanon Which Prompted HZ1ZH Maan And OD5SX Nabil (Both Are Repeater Owners) To Shut Down There Repeaters.

HZ1ZH/R Operates Two VHF 2 Meter Repeater On 145.76250 MHZ

as Wel As 144.77500 MHZ. Nabil Operates OD5SX/R In Tripoli Lebanon On 144.700, 144.025 And UHF 438.100 Mhz.

HZ1ZH/R & OD5SX Are Both Linked On DMR, AllStar, And Echolink, Both Are Considered The Most Active Repeaters In The Middle East. OD5SX/R Has a Weekly Net On Sundays Which Is Very Active On Local VHF/UHF And DMR/Echolink.

Both Owners Are Also Avid Ham Radio Operators And Work On Promoting The Worldwide Goodwill Of Our Hobby.

BrandMeister Was Notified & Made Aware Of The Hacked Call signs, But Unfortunately, The Reply Came “NOTHING WE CAN DO”.

The Jamming, The Music, The TV Shows Are Still Ongoing Daily, With No Help from BrandMeister, It’s Up To Maan & Nabil To Figure Out a Solution To The Hacker. The Local Repeaters In Lebanon Also Gets The Jammed, They Tried To Triangulate And Hunt For The VHF Source With No Success.

We Encourage Operators To Change Their Passwords on Brandmeister and QRZ Maybe on Echolink Too, Minimizing The Possibility For Anyone To Use Your Call Sign.

Echolink Was Also Informed, They Suspended the Call Signs For a Couple Of Days And Reinstated Them Again !!! No Real Help Here Also.

What Is The Solution If It Happened Here IN The USA? I Think The Outcome Might Be Different.

Any Thoughts Or Comments That Might Help Them Are Very Much Appreciated, Lets Hope Maan And Nabil Will Figure Out Something Soon. Maybe Some Of Who Reads This Have an Idea To Help, If So Please Use The Leave a Reply On The Bottom Of This Page.

Extended Thanks To HZ1ZH Maan And OD5SX Nabil For All What They Do To Promote Our Hobby In The Middle East.

Update: Aug 2nd, 2021

Hacked Call Signs Used Are:

1: 4X5YH 2: 4Z5PI 3: 4Z1AR 4: 4Z4WD 5: 4Z1YR/G 6: HZ2FZ 7: OD5SF

8: OD5HP 9: OD5MY 10: OD5TI 11: HZ1LG

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I am an Avid Amature radio Operator. I am a DX'er By Nature. I Love CW.

One thought on “Ham Radio DMR Hacked”
  1. Update:
    There is communication on the Brandmeister General Support (English) Group On Telegram Massenger Regarding This Issue, I Noticed That The Person Envolved Is Even Claiming He Is HZ1LG Calling Out HZ1ZH In The Chat Even Using Profanity, I Know It Was Not HZ1LG Who Wrote This In The Group, Another Was a Israeli Call Sign 4X1AR (Amir) Writing & Instegating Calling Lebanese As Terorists, I Do Not Want Anyone Falling For This Guy He Is The Same Person.
    I Would Like To Ask Our Friends From 4X Land To Let Us Know If 4X1AR even Knows That His Call Sign Is Hacked.
    Anyone With Any Knolege Or Information In Regards To This Problem, Please Let Us Know.
    Thanks To All For The Help.
    Ayman (N9SES)

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