Pizza Oven Build

Desided To Build a Pizza Oven In The Summer, I Started Looking For Materials, To My Surprise It Looked Like I Need a Good Budget To Make This Oven.

Materails May Cost Upwards Of $10,000, Which I Do Not Have.

Alternatives:  Look For Cheaper Materials.

                          Started To Look For Used Fire Brick On Facebook Market Place/ Offer-up And Craigslist.

                           After a Few Weeks I Found An Add On Facebook Market Place That Said “Free Bricks New Never Used Have Millions Of Them Just Come And Hall Away Free” The Add Was From Gary Near The Gary Airport.

Apparently It Was An Old Brick Factory Making Bricks For The Steel Mill.

I Made An Appointment With The Guy And Went Four Times To Get Bricks With My Son, We Grabbed 370 Bricks That Was 9″ X 4.5″ X 4.5″ And Six 2 X 1 Ft Bricks 10 1 X 1 X 2 Bricks Plus Around 50 1″ X 2″ X 9″ Slanted Bricks and Other Misc. Types Of Brick Which All Where High Temp. Type Of Bricks That They Used In Steel Mills.

Documenting The Build

I Never Ever Worked With Concrete, Morter Or Bricks Or Even Attempt To At Any Time.

YouTube Here I Come, Started Looking At YouTube And Watched Many Video’s On Building Different Types Of Ovens, I Settled On The Long Type And Not The Dome Type.

Here Are The Photo’s.


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